June goals

Monday, June 4, 2018

I mentioned in my May goal checkup post that June is going to be crazy. We have three trips planned, plus a big work event that I'm responsible for. I decided to keep my June goals simple and to limit them just to the things that HAVE to be done (with one exception: reading!).

Here are my June goals!

Monthly goals

1. Pack for Disney - The last step before our big trip! We need to pack our big suitcases and cooler, both of which my parents are taking in their truck, and also our carry-on bags, which we'll take with us on the plane.

2. Disney trip! - Finally take our long-awaited trip to Disney World!!!

3. Pack for lake - Pack the three of us for a weekend at the lake with my sweet college friends.

4. Lake trip! - Go to the lake with my college friends and their families!

5. Nashville trip! - Casey's soccer team gave him two tickets to a professional soccer game in Nashville, so we're going to go see the game and spend a night in Nashville! We need to figure out childcare, pet care, accommodations, and somewhere fun to eat.

6. GWT - This is the big work event I have this month. I am responsible for making sure it goes smoothly, so this is my main focus of the month (aside from all those trips!).

7. Father's Day - Need to get Father's Day gifts/cards for my dad and Casey.

8. Read 4 books - Want to keep up with my reading, even in this crazy busy month!

Weekly goals

1. Meal plan - Plan meals ahead of time for each week. This is especially hard in a month like this where we won't be home much and I'll be working a lot when we are.

Daily goals

1 & 2. Stand/move goals - My Apple watch tells me when to stand and move to meet my personal goals, so I want to continue to meet these goals at least three times per week (more is better!).

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