Casey, Finley, and me

I'm Laurel, and I'm a list person. This blog is for list people, but it's also for non-list people, because sometimes non-list people just need someone else to make a list for them. :)

I have been a software engineer (in some form; I'm currently a software engineering team lead) for 13 years, and if I weren't already obsessed with organization, I'm sure my job would have led me here. When working on software, I automate as much as possible to avoid making mistakes; when I can't automate something, I make checklists to ensure I don't miss anything. I honestly think these concepts can be applied to nearly everything in life.

I have an amazing, funny, nerdy in the cool way, guitar-playing, middle school-teaching husband named Casey, and we've been together over 17 years (married 11). He is my polar opposite in every way (an ENTP to my ISFJ) which has its challenges but also balances out my extreme need for order. Without him I assure you I'd be no fun.

Our beautiful 5-year-old daughter Finley has her dad's endless energy and love for people. She's super into coloring, construction equipment, wearing pajamas for all occasions,  books, and staying in hotels (honestly, same). She sleeps with about a dozen stuffed animals and remembers everything you ever say. We are just in love with her.

We live in Alabama, but we LOVE to travel new places and try new food. Other things we're into: board games, music, movies, Big Brother and Survivor (sorry not sorry!), Bigfoots Little Donuts, bookstores, and did I say food?

Thanks so much for visiting!

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