August goals

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Here are my August goals, tracked with my Powersheets! (Side note: If you're interested in trying Powersheets, the 2019 ones release on October 24th. Put it on your calendar because they sell out every year!)

Monthly goals

1. No-spend month - We will obviously need to spend some money this month, but we will restrict spending on our "wants" as much as we can.

2. Gifts - I have quite a few birthday/special occasion gifts to buy this month.

3. DC trip - I'm going to visit my sister in DC this month to help her shop for wedding dresses! Casey and Finley will be staying home, so I just need to get packed and go.

4. Laptop savings - Continue saving for my new laptop. Still on track to get it by December! 

5. Clean out garage, pantry, and org room - A carryover from last month, with an addition. Our garage needs some attention, and what we call our "org room" ("organizational room" according to our house plans - it's the little room off the side of our kitchen) has become the place where we stack everything instead of putting it away. And our pantry just needs to be cleaned out.

6. Finish swing set - We got Finley a swing set for her birthday, and my dad helped us assemble it for her. Unfortunately the slide that came with it was damaged, so we didn't get to finish our assembly. The replacement is in, so we need to put the slide together and finish anchoring the whole swing set.

7. Read 4 books - Sticking with my 4 books/month goal even though I'm about to hit my 48-book goal for the year!

8. Hand-lettering class - I'm taking another hand-lettering class this month and I'm super excited about it!

Weekly goals

1. Plan meals - Getting back in the swing of things now that school has started back and want to make sure we have meal plans. This will be especially important this month since we're trying to limit our unnecessary expenses (like eating out!).

2. Stick to grocery budget: Walmart, Publix/Kroger, Hello Fresh - I'm trying something new this month where I break my grocery budget down into categories (previously I've just had one big weekly budget). I made a weekly budget for each place I shop: Walmart, where I get the majority of our groceries, gets the biggest chunk. I never step foot in Walmart but we LOVE Walmart Grocery PickupHello Fresh is a set amount each week (and if we skip it, that amount goes to the Publix/Kroger budget). Publix/Kroger gets a small amount for things like deli meat, bakery bread, and produce. Hoping this keeps me from blowing my grocery budget all in one place.

Daily goals

1 & 2. Stand/move goals - My Apple watch tells me when to stand and move to meet my personal goals, so I want to continue to meet these goals at least three times per week (more is better!).

3. Wake up at 5:45 - This won't apply on the weekends.

4. YNAB - Want to be more diligent about tracking our expenses in YNAB.

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