January goal update

Friday, February 1, 2019

Here's how I did on my goals in January!


  1. Plan / sign up to lead small group - Signed up to lead a small group at my church and am expecting 11 women at my house Sunday night for our first meeting!
  2. Bedroom: Headboard, curtains, bedding - We assembled our new headboard and put our new bedding on our bed.
  3. February planning meeting - My husband and I had our February planning meeting, where we talked over our schedules, childcare needs, and budget for February. It went really well and I feel a lot less overwhelmed about our busy month ahead.
  4. Scan recipes: Kelly, Heather - My husband's sisters brought me their family recipes and I wanted to get them scanned and returned this month. I barely started but will be pushing this goal to February.
  5. JT concert in Memphis - My husband and my good friend Megan and I went to Memphis to see Justin Timberlake in concert! We had a BLAST and the concert was better than I even imagined!
  6. Plan trips: Asheville, Europe - I made some progress on our trip to Asheville - the Airbnb is booked and I've started researching things to do. I've got to get restaurants and activities booked soon. As far as Europe goes, I made a TON of progress here, booking all of our lodging and planning the majority of our itinerary. 
  7. Local experience - I want to have a local experience each month, but I don't think we did anything in January that will count. I plan to make up for it the rest of the year!
  8. Meal with a friend - Had lunch with my friend Denise at the beginning of the month.
  9. Take MS Project class at UAH - I took day one of the class, and day two ended up getting rescheduled due to "snow" (no snow ever came). I'll be finishing this class in February!
  10. Set up new laptop: Initial setup, move old files, organize, backup - I did the initial setup on my laptop and moved my old files, but I have a ton of organizing to do and need to transfer my backup to my new laptop.



  1. Plan meals + Walmart order - Planned our meals (Hello Fresh plus an additional meal and lunches/snacks) and placed our Walmart grocery pickup order each week this month!
  2. Read 5 books - I read eight books in January. Four were books I already owned and four were from the library.
  3. Blog x 4 - I blogged six times in January!



  1. Devotional - I used the First 5 app to do a daily devotional that didn't end up working well for me. I didn't stick with it every day, but I think the style of the devotional just really didn't fit with what I was wanting. In February I'm going to try a different type of devotional.
  2. OT 2x/week - Well, thanks to sickness (mine, Finley's, and my friend whom I work out with) I only made it to Orangetheory four times in January. 
  3. Stand goal - Met my stand goal on my watch (1 min/hour, 12 hours/day) 15 days this month.
  4. Move goal - Met my move goal on my watch (burn 300+ calories/day) 17 days this month.
  5. Weight Watchers - I tracked my eating with my WW app 17 days this month.
  6. Up at 6:00 AM - My goal was to wake up CONSISTENTLY at 6 AM without setting multiple alarms. It went well for the first couple of weeks and then I used my sickness as an excuse and started snoozing my alarm again. I also need to find a way to track this consistently.


  1. Faith // Lead small group - Small group starts in February!
  2. Faith // Do small group with Casey
  3. Faith // Do daily devotional - Tried an app in January that I didn't love. Trying something new in February.
  4. Faith // Read The Message
  5. Health // Exercise consistently - Exercised about half as much as I planned to in January.
  6. Health // Meet daily stand/move goals - Met my goals about half of the month.
  7. Health // Eat healthier - Followed my Weight Watchers plan about half of the month.
  8. Health // Drink less Diet Mountain Dew
  9. Finances // Save for trips - Saved for Asheville, Portland, and Europe!
  10. Finances // Save for hair dryer - Saved for my beloved Dyson hair dryer.
  11. Finances // Budget/track with YNAB - Still budgeting and tracking spending daily with YNAB.
  12. Household // Clean out garage, playroom, office
  13. Household // Redecorate bedroom - Assembled headboard and put new bedding on bed.
  14. Household // Redo living room travel wall
  15. Family // Have monthly planning meetings - Had our February planning meeting.
  16. Family // Make family cookbooks
  17. Family // Help with Kat's wedding - Planned Kat's bachelorette weekend and helped with invitation decisions. (Also got my bridesmaid dress and Finley's flower girl dress!)
  18. Family // Finley potty, reading, Pre-K - Got Finley potty trained this month!!
  19. Fun // Travel to Memphis, Asheville, Portland, Europe, NYC - Went to Memphis this month!
  20. Fun // Have local experience each month
  21. Personal // Make list of 100 dreams
  22. Personal // Have meal with friend once a month - Had lunch with my friend Denise.
  23. Personal // Wake up consistently at 5:30
  24. Work // Take Microsoft Project classes - Took the first day of my two-day class.
  25. Work // Get Security+ certification
  26. Work // Get Windows 10 certification
  27. Work // Execute successful GWT
  28. Reading // Read 52 books - Read eight books.
  29. Reading // Complete MMD Reading Challenge
  30. Reading // Read 2 books/month from unread shelf - Read four books from my unread shelf this month.
  31. Digital // Set up new laptop - Did the initial setup and copied over my files from my old laptop.
  32. Digital // Reduce social media
  33. Digital // Blog 4x/month - Blogged six times.
  34. Digital // Document our year

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