2018 goals

Monday, January 1, 2018

Laurel's 2018 goals, developed using Powersheets

For nearly a decade I've been setting yearly and monthly goals. I love having a fresh start every year, and even though I've never met every goal I've set for a year, I always accomplish more when I have specific and measurable goals than when I don't.

This is my third year using Powersheets to plan out and track my yearly and monthly goals. I spent a few sessions with my Powersheets planning out my goals for 2018.

This year I divided my goals into eight categories:
  1. Personal
  2. Family
  3. Fun
  4. Financial
  5. Health
  6. Household
  7. Spiritual
  8. Work
I set three goals for each category, so I have 24 total goals for 2018. I've listed all of them except my work goals below. 


Personal Goals

1. Read 48 books (4 books/month)

The last couple of years I've been reading about three books a month on average. I want to increase my reading quite a bit this year. I also subscribed to Book of the Month a few months ago, so I would like to read my monthly BOTM pick as one of my four books for the month. I also have some reading to do in my other goal categories that will help me work toward this one.

2. Start a blog

Done! Haha. I enjoy blogging but haven't done it in a while. Setting an initial goal for myself of one post per week to get me motivated to start.

3. Organize photos/backups

This one is quite the undertaking. I had been organizing my photos in folders using Picasa for many years until Google stopped supporting Picasa. Now I've been forced to find another solution, and I've started migrating my photos to the Photos app (comes with my Mac). It's not entirely intuitive and definitely different from how I've been doing things. I also need to nail down my backup solution for photos (currently have Backblaze for complete computer backup + iCloud backup).

Family Goals

1. Read to Finley nightly and track what we're reading

We LOVE to read in our house, so I'd love to start tracking the books we read with Finley.

2. Have a date night OUT every month

Should be doable since Finley's daycare does a Parent's Night Out once a month (they babysit for 4.5 hours for $20!!).

3. Have a date night IN every month

Since it's not always feasible to get a babysitter, I'd love to designate a night every month for a date night at home.

Fun Goals

1. Experience Huntsville

Our city is growing so fast and has so many cool things to do. Plus Finley is getting old enough to appreciate some of the local attractions. I want to try to see more of Huntsville as a family this year.

2. Go to Disney World

We already have a trip booked with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend this summer. I can't wait!

3. Go to Washington, D.C.

My sister lives in Washington, D.C. now, and Casey and I haven't been since we were kids. We really want to visit her and see as much of DC as we can.

Financial Goals

1. Track our spending with YNAB

I switched from Mint to You Need a Budget a few months ago and can't believe I never tried it before. YNAB is a paid service, but in the few months I've been using it, it has been so much more effective than Mint for us. I want to keep using it for a year and see if we're making more progress on financial goals.

2. Have two no-spend months

This has worked well for us in the past when we needed to slow down our spending. We try to only pay our bills and buy necessities. Even on groceries we try to only eat what's already in the pantry when possible. I intend to do these in January and August but may adjust depending on our family's needs.

3. Buy a new computer

I've had my MacBook Pro for a good 5 years and it's just time for an upgrade. (Fun fact: I've also had the same desktop background since the day I bought it! I've just never gotten tired of those pink flowers.)

Health Goals

1. Achieve my daily stand and move goals

My Apple Watch reminds me to stand every hour and to move a certain amount each day. I sit a lot for my job so I'd really like to try to do enough to achieve these goals. (Exercise goal is just a bonus!)

2. Lose 10 pounds

I lost a bunch of weight a year or so ago (using Weight Watchers), and I've gained back about 5 pounds. I want to lose it plus another few pounds. I signed up for half a year of Weight Watchers (online only) since they just changed their program and I'm curious if I'll like the new one better.

3. Develop a skincare routine

I need to do some research in this area and develop a routine.

Household Goals

1. Re-do The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I did this a year or so ago and loved it. If you haven't read the book, it's a guide to de-cluttering and organizing your stuff so you can keep it tidy. Lots of great tips but I didn't stick with everything last time so I'd like to re-read the book and do another round of cleaning out.

2. Hire a maid

Something that's been on my wish list forever, and I'm finally convincing myself it's worth the cost. We both work full time and when I get home I'd much rather spend time with my family than cleaning constantly. Hoping we can find someone to come once or twice a month to help with deep cleaning.

3. Cook more

This is always on my list. I just have a hard time getting home from work and making myself stick to the plan. (I get home around 6, and Fin goes to bed by 7:30. If I cook I barely get to see her.) I just need to come up with some better ways of ensuring we eat at home rather than picking food up when we don't have much time.

Spiritual Goals

1. Read books on faith basics

I've done a lot of deconstructing of my faith and beliefs recently, and I'd like start from the beginning as far as thinking through what I believe. I want to read some books that cover the basics of Christianity and the Bible to ensure I have a good foundation for my faith.

2. Keep a prayer journal

Not sure what I want this to look like; I'm thinking something simple in my planner.

3. Do a small group at church

I'm actually hoping I get to help lead a small group this year, but at the very least I want to participate in a group again.


I'll be tracking my goal progress in my Powersheets and here on the blog as well. Let me know which ones you'd like to hear more about! Happy 2018!

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