January goals

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Laurel's January 2018 goals in Powersheets

My 2018 goals are set and now it's time to break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals. 

I use Powersheets to guide me through this process, but it's really pretty simple. I looked at my yearly goals and identified a subset of them I thought I could make progress on in January. Then I categorized them into monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals and recorded them on my tending list. I tear this out of my Powersheets, fold it in half, and put it in the front of my planner so it's handy all month long.

Monthly goals

1. Launch blog - This one's obviously done, but don't think I don't write it on the list just so I can check it off! :)

2. Date night in / date night out - One of each

3. Experience Huntsville - Do something we can only do in Huntsville this month

4. Confirm DC trip dates - Nailing down our trip to see my sister in Washington, D.C.!

5. No spend month! - This one will be tough! We won't get our normal "fun money" and we're not eating out (although may make one exception if we get that date night out). I will try to cook using mostly things in our pantry, and we won't buy anything we don't need immediately.

6. Save for laptop - I have a goal to buy a new laptop in December, so I've broken down the estimated cost into 12 months and plan to save at least that amount monthly.

7. (Work goal) - Not planning on blogging much about work goals, but I have a big deadline this month so this one needed to be on my list!

8. Do Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - Hoping to knock this out in January before our year gets too busy. This will be my second time reading the book and applying the principles.

9. Hire maid - We've been talking about it forever, and this is the month my dreams will come true!! :)

10. Register for small group - Our church small group semester starts at the end of this month, so I'll need to register soon.

Weekly goals

1. Read a book - One a week will put me at 4 this month, which keeps me on track with my big goal of 48 books this year. One book should be my Book of the Month pick, and I'd like another to be a faith-based book.

2. One blog post - Starting small, you guys.

3. Lose one pound - Modest goal in my experience with Weight Watchers. The program works; it's just all dependent on how well I stick to it!

4. Prayer journal - I have tried so many ways of doing this in the past. I'm going to try to keep my planner updated with my prayer needs for the week so I can reference it as I pray all week long.

Daily goals

1. Read to Finley - We read to Finley every night anyway, but I want to track our books this year!

2. YNAB - Update our budget daily to ensure we're staying on track. I know this sounds daunting but the app is kind of addictive.

3. Stand/move goals - My Apple watch tells me when to stand and move to meet my personal goals, so I want to listen to it and meet these goals daily.

4. Weight Watchers - Track my food in my WW app

5. Eat at home - Goes with our no-spend goal, but this keeps me thinking about it on a daily basis. This is actually the hardest goal for me; we love eating out.


  1. Hey girl! Saw your post from the powersheets group- cheering you on! can't wait to follow along. hopefully I'll get around to posting my goals soon :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Kate! I'd love to see your goals too.


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