January and February highlights

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The first two months of 2018 flew by and the year keeps getting busier! Here are a few pictures and highlights from our family in January and February.


January highlights:

  1. Took Finley to the Space and Rocket Center for the first time with Casey and my parents
  2. Had a few days at home since our schools/work were closed for snow
  3. Date night out at Viet Huong, Stem and Stein, and 2nd & Charles
  4. New semester of dance, soccer, and Musikgarten for Finley



February highlights:

  1. Dream Team party at our church (celebration of everyone who serves on a ministry team) with comedian Nate Bergatze
  2. Finley and I had the flu (not exactly a highlight, but memorable!)
  3. Watched the Samford Step Sing live stream with friends
  4. Casey's band Rocket 5 played at a James Bond-themed fundraiser
  5. We went to baby Caroline's first birthday fiesta in Birmingham (daughter of one of my closest friends)
  6. Celebrated Valentine's Day together (all three of us!) with gifts and dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Charritos
  7. Marriage conference at our church with speaker Joe McGee
  8. Lots of soccer games!
  9. Dr. Seuss week at Fin's school


We have even more on our calendar for March, including a trip to visit my sister in DC! 

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