March goals

Monday, March 5, 2018

March already! I am SO excited about this month - not only do I turn 33 this month, but we also have trips planned to Birmingham to see Popcast Live and to Washington, DC to visit my sister. I tried to keep our schedule in mind when I planned my goals for the month.

Monthly goals

1. Read 6 books - Decided to bump up my 4/month goal to 6/month since I've been reading more lately.

2. Date night in / date night out - One of each

3. Experience Huntsville - Do something we can only do in Huntsville this month

4. Finish planning DC trip - This is the month! Need to plan our activities and food, find someone to take care of the dogs, make packing lists, and pack for all three of us (since Finley's staying with my parents).

5. Save for laptop - Save at least $150 toward a new laptop

6. KonMari our books - Apply principles from this book and continue cleaning out our house. Books are next on the list since we completed clothing in February.

7. Buy birthday gifts - Lots of birthdays this month! Need gifts for my mom (who has the same birthday as me!), my friend Jennifer, our niece Amidy, and our great niece Angelynn!

8. Write blog posts - This month I'd like to post about (1) how I did on my February goals, (2) my March goals, (3) books I read in February, (4) photos/life updates from January and February, (5) how we cleaned out our clothes, (6) how I organize older photos, (7) some tips for listening to podcasts, and (8) at least one "5 things I'm loving".

Weekly goals

1. Plan meals - Plan out our meals a week ahead of time and do prep work on the weekends

2. Prayer journal - Keep my planner updated with my prayer needs for the week so I can reference it as I pray all week long

3. Small group - Attend/participate in my small group weekly

Daily goals

1. YNAB - Update our budget daily to ensure we're staying on track

2 & 3. Stand/move goals - My Apple watch tells me when to stand and move to meet my personal goals, so I want to listen to it and meet these goals daily

4. Read to Finley - Read and track all the books we read

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