February goal checkup

Friday, March 2, 2018

February really flew by! February and March are easily our busiest months of the year since my husband is a middle school soccer coach. Between Casey's practices and games, Finley's dance and music classes, and my work deadlines, February was PACKED. I think I made good progress on my February goals despite all the busy.

Here is my completed tending list for February:

And here's how I'm doing on my yearly goals after February:

Personal Goals

1. Read 48 books - 38% complete

I read NINE books in February, matching my record set in January! Stay tuned for a post on what I read in February.

2. Start a blog - 31% complete

My goal for this blog is to post at least once a week. I posted 6 times in February (although there was a week I didn't post at all).

3. Organize photos/backups - 8% complete

No progress in February.

Family Goals

1. Read to Finley nightly and track what we're reading - 17% complete

I have been recording the books we read with Finley in a note on my phone, and at the end of each month I've been updating this page on my blog (also linked at the top as "KID BOOKS").

2. Have a date night OUT every month - 17% complete

We spent a solid 24 hours together at our church's marriage conference this month!

3. Have a date night IN every month - 17% complete

This wasn't as well-planned as it was in January, but we managed a night together at home with a nicer-than-usual dinner and watched some shows together.

Fun Goals

1. Experience Huntsville - 17% complete

In February we visited our city's brand new public library and it did not disappoint!

2. Go to Disney World - 0% complete

No progress in February.

3. Go to Washington, D.C. - 20% complete

Made a tiny bit of progress in February (I started researching things to do in DC) but nothing big. Since our trip is in March we have a lot to do!

Financial Goals

1. Track our spending with YNAB - 17% complete

Met my goal to check and update YNAB weekly at a minimum. (Pretty sure I did this every day in February!)

2. Have two no-spend months - 50% complete

No progress in February.

3. Buy a new computer - 22% complete

Saved $150 toward my new laptop. On track to get a new one by the end of the year, but hoping for sooner!

Health Goals

1. Achieve my daily stand and move goals - 21% complete

Doing better about remembering to wear my watch every day. :) Surpassed my goal of meeting my stand and move goals at least three times per week!


2. Lose 10 pounds - 58% complete

No progress in February. (The flu wiped us out at the beginning of the month, and I never got back on my Weight Watchers plan!)

3. Develop a skincare routine - 0% complete

No progress on this goal yet.

Household Goals

1. Re-do The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - 33% complete

Finished re-reading the book and did a serious clean-out of our clothing! I'll do a post on it soon!

2. Hire a maid - 100% complete

3. Cook more - 16% complete

Well, the flu is partially responsible for my poor progress on this, but not entirely. Finley and I were sick for the first week of the month and then I just let our busy schedules be my excuse for not cooking as much as I should!

Spiritual Goals

1. Read books on faith basics - 0% complete

No progress in February.

2. Keep a prayer journal - 6% complete

No progress in February.

3. Do a small group at church - 50% complete

Currently enjoying my spring small group!

Other Goals

Since I do track monthly goals that aren't necessarily tied to my yearly goals, I thought I'd mention a few of those here:

1. Celebrate Valentine's Day - We had an awesome dinner at our favorite restaurant, Charritos, and exchanged some small gifts. It was really fun to involve Finley this year and she loved her gifts!


2. Go to at least two soccer games - Made it to one, but so many got canceled because of weather that I didn't have many options. (Since it's middle school, they often play games before I'm off work!) Hoping to get to quite a few more in March.

3. Do taxes - Actually got these done early this year! Hooray!


2018 is really getting busy but I'm still making good progress on at least some of my goals. March will be even more challenging!

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