May goals

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Does anyone else think May is always nearly as busy as December? I have so much on my to do list for this month, but the end is in sight because Casey gets out of school at the end of the month which means he can do some of it for me. :)

Here are my May goals.

Monthly goals

1. Read 6 books - I need to catch up on my Book of the Month books this month, plus read a faith-based book (see goal #7).

2. DHS chorus memory book - I'll give more details after I'm finished, but this is something I need to complete this month.

3. Date night in / date night out - One of each. This will be tough since Casey's band is playing two weddings this month, taking up two weekends plus multiple weeknights for practice.

4. Experience Huntsville - Do something we can only do in Huntsville this month. Again, not sure this is doable with our crazy schedule but going to do my best.

5. Finish planning Disney trip - Disney is so soon and I am so excited! It will be Finley's first trip (just before she turns three and has to buy a ticket!) and I haven't been since 2004. This month I need to wrap up the planning: make a list of good food options for each day, call the vet to schedule our dogs' boarding, make some final purchases like a stroller fan and ponchos, and make our packing lists.

6. Save for laptop - Save at least $150 toward a new laptop.

7. Read faith book - Will count toward goal #1, but I wanted to specifically set a goal to read a faith-based book this month.

8. Buy gifts - Need a Mother's Day gift for my mom, birthday gifts for Casey and his Granny, and teacher appreciation gifts for Finley's teachers.

Weekly goals

1. Blog post - Continue my goal of posting at least once per week.

2. Laundry on weekend - Thanks to the tip found in How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, I've decided to have a laundry "day" (really two days) and always do all of our laundry on Friday and Saturday. Have been trying to do this for a couple of weeks now and it's going pretty well, other than the fact that I forgot the load with Finley's nap mat in the washer and it was wet when we needed to take it to school Monday morning. Whoops.

3. Prayer journal - Keep my planner updated with my prayer needs for the week so I can reference it as I pray all week long.

4. Musikgarten - Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to make the drive to Decatur for Finley's music class, so I added this to my weekly goals to give me the satisfaction of checking it off the list when I complete it.

5. Dance - Same story as #4, but dance is even more overwhelming because Finley is a bit of a wild child and it doesn't always go so well. :)

Daily goals

1 & 2. Stand/move goals - My Apple watch tells me when to stand and move to meet my personal goals, so I want to continue to meet these goals at least three times per week (more is better!).

3. Eat at home - One of my yearly goals is to eat at home at least four times per week.

4. YNAB - Update our budget daily to ensure we're staying on track

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