March and April goal checkups

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Missed posting my March goal recap along with my April goals. Here's how I did on my 2018 goals in March and April.


Personal Goals

1. Read 48 books - 65% complete

Slowed my reading pace a bit but still way ahead of this time last year. In March I read 8 books, and in April I read 5 books.

2. Start a blog - 44% complete

Posted five times in March but only twice in April. Goal is one post per week.

3. Organize photos/backups - 8% complete

No progress in March or April. (Although I did scan a few hundred pictures for my mom in April, so I feel like that should count for something!)

Family Goals

1. Read to Finley nightly and track what we're reading - 33% complete

Still reading at the very least before naps and before bed (2-3 books each time). I'm so glad Finley loves to read!

2. Have a date night OUT every month - 42% complete

In March and April we took advantage of Finley's school's monthly parent's night out ($20 for 4.5 hours of childcare!). In March we went to see Black Panther (so good!) and in April we went to dinner at my favorite local restaurant, 1892 East. In March we also went to the Popcast live show in Birmingham!

3. Have a date night IN every month - 33% complete

At the end of March we went to DC, so I'm going to let that count for our date nights "in" for both March and April.

Fun Goals


1. Experience Huntsville - 42% complete

In March we went to our great niece Angelynn's birthday party at Earlyworks Children's Museum. It is so cute and Finley really had a great time, especially in the children's play area called Biscuit's Backyard. In April we visited two local stores we've heard great things about and loved them: Preservation Company (vintage/antique furniture and decor) and Holtz Leather Co. (leather bags, accessories, etc.). We also went to a new trampoline place called Altitude for Casey's soccer team's end-of-year party!

2. Go to Disney World - 44% complete

SO excited this is coming up soon! In April I booked our plane tickets and got our fast passes. (Fast passes are no joke! I got up early to book ours at 6 AM and many were gone when I checked again a couple of hours later!)

3. Go to Washington, D.C. - 100% complete

We went to DC to visit my sister at the end of March/beginning of April and had SO much fun! Her boyfriend works for a senator, so he gave us behind the scenes tours of the Capitol and our favorite part was the Library of Congress. We also ate a ton of yummy food!

Financial Goals

1. Track our spending with YNAB - 33% complete

I'm still keeping close watch on our budget using YNAB. I feel much less anxious about our finances using this method (budget what you have, not what you expect to get later).

2. Have two no-spend months - 50% complete

No progress in March or April.

3. Buy a new computer - 42% complete

Still steadily saving for my new Macbook!

Health Goals

1. Achieve my daily stand and move goals - 48% complete

My goal here is to achieve my daily stand and move goals at least three times per week. I am getting progressively better at this and even increased my move goal in April. (It didn't hurt that we walked 10+ miles a couple of days in DC!) According to my Apple watch, here's how I did:
  • March stand goal: Achieved 13 of 31 days
  • March move goal: Achieved 27 of 31 days
  • April stand goal: Achieved 17 of 30 days
  • April move goal: Achieved 26 of 31 days
  • New move record achieved 3/29 - 817 calories
  • New exercise record achieved 3/29 - 181 minutes
  • Tripled daily move goal 3/29
  • Longest move streak ending 4/6 - 20 days
  • March challenge - met daily exercise goal at least one time in March
  • April challenge - met daily stand goal 16 times in April

2. Lose 10 pounds - 58% complete

Well I gained a couple of pounds and lost one again in April... I'm just going to say there was no progress in March or April. :)

3. Develop a skincare routine - 0% complete

No progress.

Household Goals

1. Re-do The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - 33% complete

No progress.

2. Hire a maid - 100% complete


3. Cook more - 28% complete

I didn't do a great job of documenting when we ate at home, but we have been doing Hello Fresh every other week for the past month or so and that has been great! On the in-between weeks we cook a few times a week. I also got a couple new sets of Easy Lunchboxes so I can make lunches all at once on Sundays for the week.

Spiritual Goals

1. Read books on faith basics - 0% complete

No progress.

2. Keep a prayer journal - 6% complete

No progress.

3. Do a small group at church - 50% complete

Finished up our small group semester this month!


The year is only getting busier, so I'm going to have to step it up on some of these. I can see myself losing steam on some of them. I need to re-evaluate my goals whether I still want to achieve them this year, and if so,

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