5 things I'm loving // April 25, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

A few things I'm loving lately:

1. Finley's portraits by Laurie Hatfield Photography - I can't get over how great these turned out. Finley was not cooperative and I was convinced we left without getting any good pictures. I was so wrong! Check out Laurie's website for info if you're in the Mobile, Alabama area!

2. Anderson Lilley Superbloom Candle - I got this candle from my FabFitFun box (thanks to my sister Kathryn for the gift subscription!!) and it is amazing. I only wish it were cheaper! 

3. Our new living room furniture - I finally had enough of toys all over the living room floor, so we got this big wardrobe with a barn door for storage! We also got another piece (both from Nadeau) to store our movies, replacing our good old Walmart bookshelf from our college days!


4. Literary Gifts for Babies - So many cute ideas for book-themed baby gifts

5. New TOMS - I found these for $25 at TJ Maxx and they have been a really great buy. I wear them a few times a week! I've also started wearing these no-show socks with them to keep them looking (and smelling) better. 

1 comment:

  1. Love your new furniture! I have started wearing the no show socks too and wish I had started wearing them sooner.


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