August goal checkup

Monday, September 3, 2018

August FLEW by. I made some progress on some of my yearly goals and some extras too. (I track these goals using Powersheets. The 2019 Powersheets come out on October 24th, so set yourself a reminder if you plan to try them out because they always sell out!)

Personal Goals

1. Read 48 books - 100% complete


Read eight books this month and exceeded my goal of 48 books for the year! Look for an upcoming post about my August books.

2. Start a blog - 65% complete

Posted three times in August. Goal is one post per week.

3. Organize photos/backups - 8% complete

No progress.

Family Goals

1. Read to Finley nightly and track what we're reading - 67% complete

Reading a few books every night and whenever she requests them during the day. Love reading with our sweet girl!

2. Have a date night OUT every month - 83% complete

We went to Commerce Kitchen and The Casual Pint for date night during Huntsville Restaurant Week.

3. Have a date night IN every month - 67% complete

Lots of Parks and Rec nights again this month!

Fun Goals  

1. Experience Huntsville - 100% complete


I mentioned that we enjoyed Restaurant Week this month. I also took a hand lettering class at Art & Soul and Casey's band played at Top Golf for 90s night!

2. Go to Disney World - 100% complete

3. Go to Washington, D.C. - 100% complete

Financial Goals

1. Track our spending with YNAB - 67% complete

Still using YNAB to track our expenses/budget.

2. Have two no-spend months - 50% complete

No progress.

3. Buy a new computer - 64% complete

Still steadily saving for my new Macbook!

Health Goals

1. Achieve my daily stand and move goals - 100% complete

My goal here is to achieve my daily stand and move goals at least three times per week (tracked using my Apple Watch).
  • Stand goal: Achieved 19 of 31 days
  • Move goal: Achieved 27 of 31 days
I also started going to Orange Theory twice a week, so I've been hitting my exercise goal on those days as well!


2. Lose 10 pounds - 58% complete

No progress... but Weight Watchers + Orange Theory better help me out with this one! :)

3. Develop a skincare routine - 100% complete

Household Goals

1. Re-do The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - 42% complete

No progress.

2. Hire a maid - 100% complete

3. Cook more - 57% complete



We are still doing Hello Fresh and love it so much we've started doing a box every week! It has saved me so much time meal planning and we love trying unique dishes we wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to. Aside from getting help cleaning our house, this has been the biggest help in our household this year!

    Spiritual Goals

    1. Read 10 faith books - 70% complete

    Read Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel this month.

    2. Keep a prayer journal - 6% complete

    No progress.

    3. Do a small group at church - 50% complete

    No progress. Will start my small group in September!

    Other Goals

    These are some other goals I included on my monthly Powersheets but are not tied to any of my yearly goals.

    1. DC Trip - Went to Washington, D.C. for the second time this year to visit my sister and help her shop for a wedding dress! We found a dress and had lots of fun planning her wedding!


    2. Hand Lettering Class - I was really excited to get to take the second part of a hand lettering class I took a couple of years ago!


    Other August highlights

    1. Finley's first real haircut - She had one as a baby, but this was the first one that counts. :)

    2. We converted Finley's crib to a toddler bed! - I know, about time. :) She is doing GREAT at staying in her bed at night.

    3. Finley started a new year of dance and music classes - First week of dance didn't go so well (she refused to go in, so we drove home!) but the second week went better and we're hoping that will stick. This semester, instead of Musikgarten, we're going to my parents' church on Wednesday nights for a music class my mom is teaching for toddlers. It's actually just like Musikgarten but with more of a religious focus.

    4. My friend/coworker Ashley moved to Portland - We had a lot of fun going-away celebrations for Ashley and her husband Craig, including a visit to Top Golf and one last visit to our favorite restaurant, Charritos! (Also I got her this tumbler and penguin decal because our little team at work likes to refer to ourselves as penguins - you know, code monkeys, test penguins - and I also got her a gift card to Powell's Books!)


    5. My sister asked me to be her matron of honor - Yay!!! She sent this precious cake in a jar, which has to be the best way to ask someone to be part of your wedding. :)



    That's it for August! 2018 is flying by. I'm glad to get back in the swing of things for the fall semester and already looking forward to 2019 goal planning in the next few months. :)

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