September goals

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Here are my September goals, tracked with my Powersheets!

Monthly goals

1. Recreate - This is my church's annual women's conference. This year I have a ticket to the main campus (rather than a satellite with a live feed of the speakers and musicians) and I'm really looking forward to it!

2. Chattanooga - Casey's band is playing a wedding in Chattanooga, and I'm going to tag along! I don't usually get to go see them play so I'm excited about this one.

3. Laptop savings - Still saving for my new Macbook.

4. Buy new tires - Not a fun expense but needs to happen.

5. Plan Fall Break trip - We'd like to go somewhere for a night or two while Casey is out for fall break this year. Nothing too exciting (or expensive) so we'll probably go somewhere nearby.

6. Start planning Europe trip - Our ten-year wedding anniversary is next summer, and we're planning to take another trip to Europe to celebrate! (Our first trip to Europe was for our five-year anniversary, and we visited Germany, Austria, Italy, England, and Scotland.) 

7. Read 4 books - Even though I've already achieved my reading goal for 2018, I'd like to keep reading at least four books every month.

8. Plan Finley's baby clothes quilt - I would like to make a t-shirt style quilt out of Finley's baby clothes and need to choose which clothes I want to incorporate.

9. Lose 3 pounds - Haven't done much on my goal to lose weight this year, but now that I'm back on Weight Watchers and going to Orange Theory, I'm hoping to see some results.

Weekly goals

1. Meal/lunch prep - I am so much better at eating healthy when I do some meal prep at the beginning of the week. The biggest help is prepping lunches so I don't have to come up with something last minute to take to work.

2. Music/dance classes with Finley - Take Finley to her music and dance classes weekly.

3. Church/small group - Attend church and my small group weekly.

4. Stick to grocery budget - Still working on this one. I separated my weekly grocery budget into categories (Walmart pickup order for most of our groceries, Publix or Kroger for our produce, and Hello Fresh) to try to help narrow down my overspending.

Daily goals

1. Stand goal - Meet my stand goal (stand for at least one minute every hour for 12+ hours) at least three times per week. (Tracked via Apple Watch.)

2. Move goal - Meet my move goal (burn 220 calories) at least three times per week. (Tracked via Apple Watch.)

3. Orange Theory - Attend an hour-long Orange Theory class twice per week. (Tracked via Orange Theory app.)

4. Weight Watchers - Track my eating every day of the week. (Tracked via Weight Watchers app.)

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