October goals

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Here are my October goals, tracked with my Powersheets!

Monthly goals

1. Local experience + food - Would like to have at least one local experience and eat at one local restaurant this month.

2. Laptop savings - Save for new laptop.

3. Lose 3 pounds - Still trying to make this happen. Since I've been working out at Orange Theory I've actually gained some weight. 

4. Plan Europe - Want to get a more solid itinerary and make a to do list for our trip.

5. Time with friends - Trying to prioritize relationships. I want to spend one-on-one time with at least two friends this month.

6. Clean out 3 rooms - I'm not setting it in stone, but I think our playroom, office, and bedroom would be good candidates for a clean out.

7. Plan new small group - I am planning to lead a small group at my church next semester and want to spend some time planning it this month.

8. Travel wall - We have a wall in our living room where we've been hanging artwork from places we've visited. I'd like to add three pieces of art to the wall this month.

9. Read 4 books - Even though I've already achieved my reading goal for 2018, I'd like to keep reading at least four books every month.

Weekly goals

1. Plan meals - Since one of my yearly goals is to eat at home more often, I need to make sure I plan our meals every week.

2. Stick to grocery budget - Still working on this one. I separated my weekly grocery budget into categories (Walmart pickup order for most of our groceries, Publix or Kroger for our produce, and other) to try to help narrow down my overspending.

3. Small group - Attend my small group weekly.

4. Blog post - Post at least once a week.

5. Finley dance class - Take Finley to her dance class weekly.

Daily goals

1. Stand goal - Meet my stand goal (stand for at least one minute every hour for 12+ hours) at least three times per week. (Tracked via Apple Watch.)

2. Move goal - Meet my move goal (burn 300 calories, up from 220 last month) at least three times per week. (Tracked via Apple Watch.)

3. Orange Theory - Attend an hour-long Orange Theory class twice per week. (Tracked via Orange Theory app.)

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