My 2019 goals

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I might have fallen off the blogging wagon a couple of months ago, but I did keep up with my monthly and yearly goals in my Powersheets. I'm going to do my best to keep up with the blog posts this year!

For 2019, I set goals in ten categories: Faith, Health, Finances, Household, Family, Fun, Personal, Work, Reading, and Digital. (Those last two categories are new for me!) I'll be tracking them in my new set of Powersheets - and I'm super excited to use their new goal setting stickers to keep my goals color-coded. :)

Without further ado, here are my 2019 goals!

Faith Goals

  1. Lead a small group - I'm planning to do this in the spring semester and hoping we can make that work with our schedule!
  2. Do a small group with my husband - We don't typically get to do small groups together because there aren't many at our church with childcare. Hoping to do one together this fall.
  3. Do a daily devotional - I'd like to spend time in the word and in prayer every day. I'm going to use the First 5 app.
  4. Read The Message - I've gotten really used to my NIV and ESV translations. Every time I read a passage from The Message paraphrase, I think about it in a new way. I'd like to select a portion of The Message to read this year. (Maybe the New Testament, or possibly just some specific books.)

Health Goals

  1. Exercise consistently - I started working out with a friend for the first time in my life in 2018. I'd like to continue our workouts, going twice a week to Orangetheory consistently for the whole year. I may also add some more specific goals related to exercise each month.
  2. Meet daily stand/move goals - This is a continuation of a goal from this year. My Apple Watch tells me when to stand (once an hour, 12 hours a day) and tracks my exercise (goal is 300 calories a day). I want to meet both of these goals every day.
  3. Eat healthier - I want to stick with Weight Watchers for at least the first four months of the year.
  4. Drink less Diet Mountain Dew - I'd like to gradually reduce my Diet Mountain Dew consumption throughout the year.

Financial Goals

  1. Save for trips - We are traveling to Asheville, Portland, Europe, and (maybe) NYC this year and have a lot of saving to do!
  2. Save for hair dryer - I have been talking about the Dyson hair dryer for so long my husband is OVER it. :) I couldn't convince myself to spend that much on it last year, but I've decided if it saves me time every day, I think it will be worth it.
  3. Budget/track with YNAB - I want to continue using YNAB to track our spending and save for our goals.

Household Goals

  1. Clean out rooms - We need to clean out our garage, playroom, and office this year.
  2. Redecorate bedroom - "Redecorate" is probably the wrong word, because we've been in our house 3.5 years and still haven't done any decorating in our master bedroom. :)
  3. Redo living room travel wall - We have a gallery wall in our living room that has prints from lots of places we've traveled. We're missing quite a few locations and will be traveling to more this year, so I want to update the wall.

Family Goals

  1. Have monthly planning meetings - We've tried this before but never have stuck with it. I'd like my husband and me to meet once a month to plan our schedule, budget, childcare, etc. for the following month.
  2. Make family cookbooks - I want to scan and organize family recipes from both sides of the family and create cookbooks for everyone.
  3. Help with my sister's wedding - My little sister Kathryn is getting married in May and I want to help as much as possible. I'm also the matron of honor so I have a bachelorette trip to plan and a dress to find! :)
  4. Finley goals: Potty training, reading, Pre-K - These are the major milestones we'd like to hit with Finley this year. She's almost 3.5 so the potty training has been a long time coming, and we're already working on it. She has expressed a lot of interest in learning to read so we bought some books to work on it with her. And she'll start Pre-K this year so I have a lot of research to do about that!

Fun Goals

  1. Travel - Currently we have plans to go to Memphis, Asheville, Portland, and Europe this year, and I'm trying to work in a trip to NYC as well!
  2. Have local experiences at least once a month - We are having so much fun exploring our city together! I want to continue visiting new local places and revisiting our favorites.

Personal Goals

  1. Make a List of 100 Dreams - This is a concept from Laura Vanderkam's 168 Hours, which I read in 2018. I like the idea of having a list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime (kind of like a bucket list, but bigger!).
  2. Have a meal with a friend at least once a month - I want to prioritize my friendships and make a point to spend one-on-one time with friends as often as possible.
  3. Wake up consistently at 5:30 - This is a HUGE one for me. I'm a chronic snooze button abuser and it just makes for a stressful and rushed morning every time I do it. I'd like to gradually move my alarm time back (with 5:30 as the end goal) and stop pressing snooze or setting multiple alarms!

Work Goals

  1. Take a Microsoft Project class - I got approval from my company to take a Microsoft Project class in January at a local university. I may also take the follow-up class in the fall. I'm looking forward to learning something new!
  2. Get a Security+ certification - The Security+ certification is going to be required for my job, so I may as well add it as a goal for the year! This will most likely require a week-long training course and then a test at the end of the week.
  3. Get a Windows 10 certification - Windows 10 certification is another requirement for my job that needs to happen this year.
  4. Execute a successful GWT - This is a test event that is the culmination of all the work our team has done on our software for the last couple of years, and I'm responsible for making sure it goes well!

Reading Goals

  1. Read 52 books - My goal for last year was 48 and I read 84. This year I decided to shoot for a book a week. I've already entered my goal in Goodreads.
  2. Complete the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2019 Reading Challenge - I love everything Anne Bogel does but I've never tried to complete one of her reading challenges. I thought it would be a fun way to choose some of my books this year.
  3. Read at least 2 books/month from my unread shelf - I have a lot of books I haven't read and want to put a dent in those this year.

Digital Goals

  1. Set up my new laptop - I got a Macbook Air (thanks to one of my 2018 savings goals!) and need to set it up. This will include moving all my data from my old laptop, organizing it, and setting up my online backup software.
  2. Reduce social media usage - I want to set time limits on my phone so I don't waste so much time scrolling mindlessly. I'd also like to cull my accounts so I don't follow as many people.
  3. Blog 4 times a month - We'll see if I can improve on this one this year!
  4. Document our year - I'm behind on my yearly scrapbooks so I want to make an effort to at least get this year documented before I try to tackle the backlog.

Happy goal setting, friends! :)

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