January 2019 goals

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Here are my goals for January 2019:


  1. Plan / sign up to lead small group - I am hoping to lead a small group at my church this semester.
  2. Bedroom: Headboard, curtains, bedding - Need to assemble the headboard we bought, hang curtains, and put our new bedding on our bed.
  3. February planning meeting - Monthly planning meeting with my husband to discuss our schedule, budget, childcare needs, etc.
  4. Scan recipes: Kelly, Heather - My husband's sisters brought me their family recipes and I want to get them scanned and returned this month.
  5. JT concert in Memphis - We are going to a Justin Timberlake concert this month!!
  6. Plan trips: Asheville, Europe - Need to plan my sister's bachelorette weekend in Asheville, NC. Also need to plan our anniversary trip to Europe!
  7. Local experience - Want to have at least one fun local experience
  8. Meal with a friend - Have at least one meal with a friend this month
  9. Take MS Project class at UAH - Take a two-day class on Microsoft Project for work
  10. Set up new laptop: Initial setup, move old files, organize, backup - Set up my brand new laptop! :)


  1. Plan meals + Walmart order - Plan our meals (usually Hello Fresh plus an additional meal and lunches/snacks) and place our Walmart grocery pickup order each week
  2. Read 5 books - Read about a book a week. Two should be books I already own.
  3. Blog x 4 - Blog at least once a week


  1. Devotional - Use the First 5 app to do a daily devotional
  2. OT 2x/week - Go to Orangetheory at least twice per week
  3. Stand goal - Meet my stand goal on my watch (1 min/hour, 12 hours/day)
  4. Move goal - Meet my move goal on my watch (burn 300+ calories/day)
  5. Weight Watchers - Track eating with my WW app
  6. Up at 6:00 AM - Get up CONSISTENTLY at 6 AM without setting multiple alarms

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